Project Reveal: Boho-Chic Podcast Studio

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With the start of the new year, it’s always a good reminder to get our acts together - a clean slate as we get a little more organized, eat a little bit better, or set some goals that we want to crush to make this new year our best one yet. So, with all of that energy in the air, we thought it would be a good time to share one of our favorite projects, which you may have seen featured last year on Rue Magazine. Our Boho- Chic Podcast Studio is the home to a podcast you should definitely be listening to if you’re looking to do some self-improvement - or even just need a bright spot to add to your commute or weekly routine.

When author, cover model and 3x Fitness World Champion Lori Harder reached out for help creating an earthy, Mykonos-inspired podcast studio, we were thrilled with the opportunity. 

At first site visit, we saw the potential for this to be our latest favorite project. The space where Harder hosts the popular Earn Your Happy podcast was filled with tons of natural light and good energy and we couldn’t wait to create a comfortable, professional space where our client and her (podcast) guests could relax and enjoy themselves while getting down to business.

To achieve this, we used a neutral palette and relied heavily on texture, plants and statement pieces to make the space come alive. Incorporating mostly vintage and artisanal items into the room created a layered boho-chic look and really drove home the idea of California comfort. From your first step into the space this vision is brought to life through the Mexican handmade amate paper display that while neutral, packs a big punch when it comes to style. We chose to leave these pieces unframed and slightly floating for an organic vibe with a really cool shadow effect.


A live-edge desk and vintage hemp kilim rug define the recording area where we used two existing accent chairs, each styled with linen tie dye pillows. The woven pendant light in rustic brown adds contrast and a little drama above as we kept the desk mostly clear for this efficient workspace. Behind the desk, we kept it clean and green, with a Madagascar Dragon tree potted in a woven basket, potted staghorn ferns in twine crocheted hanging baskets and a small accent table for water and snacks. And finally, on the wall, a simple strand of ceramic unglazed moon chimes. 

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And, because every podcast room needs an area to "podcast and chill", we made the small nook a space just for that!

A hooded rattan chair with vintage-textile pillows and a throw blanket is flanked by a round jute rug and gigantic wool floor cushions for a cozy corner spot. The tall ceilings gave us the perfect opportunity to add a giant beaded globe light (previously purchased by Harder) to draw the eye up and add a “wow” to the room. We finished it off with a few more indoor plants and Spanish moss for a space that feels light, airy and totally inspiring. 


If you haven’t heard of Lori or her amazing podcast, you can find her, here. We absolutely loved working on this space, and hope you love it too! As always, if you have any questions, please comment below - we’d love to hear from you!


Project Reveal: Mr. Hollywood Proper

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Los Angeles, California

795 sq ft.

Biggest Design Challenge:
Creating that boutique-hotel feeling in your everyday home

Bree McCool Photography

We are so excited to kick off the weekend with the project we've been slowly unveiling, and affectionately calling the #MrHollywoodProperProject, if you've been following along on Instagram. 

When you hear the words bachelor pad, this is not the place that comes to mind. We were so honored to have our #MrHollywoodProperProject featured on Domino Mag, and dubbed the “the chicest bachelor pad in LA, hands down". Frankly, we can’t really argue with that!

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This project started with clean, modern palette - the building sits in Hollywood’s Columbia Square and was designed by (the Queen herself) Kelly Wearstler - so needless to say, the bones were excellent. But that was about all there was to go on. Everything you see here is new and was thoughtfully searched for, curated and brought in over the course of two months to turn the space into our client’s dream home.

One of our favorite things about this home, is that there are truly unique pieces around every corner. The result is an organic modern space with loads of texture, pattern and plenty of vintage and handcrafted pieces.


The main objective with our client, was that he wanted to have that "hotel feel" in his home. We took that to heart and focused on creating unique and memorable moments while keeping it minimal, sticking to a cohesive palette throughout .

We started from scratch - there were no family heirlooms or must-keep furniture pieces to have in this space, so we were really able to put our stamp on it, completely furnishing and styling the home from top to bottom. However, our client is from Sydney, so we did love adding some handmade Australian accents to bring in nostalgia and meaning, like this stunning raffia piece placed on the concrete wall. The combination of these two textures is stunning, if we say so ourselves - we really can’t get enough!


Nailing the neutral game is all about the use texture. Playing with different shades and tones, even pattern, gives you a layered effect that adds personality. We mixed wood tones for a look that feels comfortable and a bit masculine and added plenty of plants and florals throughout the space to soften it.


Scout Modern Tip: Feels like something is missing? It’s probably fresh florals and greenery! We always suggest that clients keep fresh florals in their space, as it drastically changes the look and overall feel of a room. Seriously, give it a try!


Now, let’s talk about lighting. The lighting design was truly key in creating that boutique hotel vibe; we gave each space its own lighting moment with handcrafted hanging wall sconces in the bedroom, a three-arm chandelier above the dining table, and a polished nickel pole sconce in the entry. Several candles and tealights are placed throughout for ambiance.


We truly love this space, and enjoyed working on it! What do you think? Did Domino get it right with the “Chicest Bachelor Pad in LA”? Did we achieve the look and feel of a boutique-hotel living? We’d love to hear your thoughts! This one is definitely on the books as a favorite for us!