Scouted: Best of Etsy 2018

Bree McCool Photography

Bree McCool Photography


If you’ve been following us for any length of time, you probably know that we are huge fans of Etsy. We love that all within the online marketplace you can find thousands of hand-made treasures created by makers from all around the world, and an amazing selection of vintage finds too!

This years list includes not only the shops we’ve lusted over online, but several that we’ve used in our very own projects! Get to know a little bit about this year’s favorite sellers and see some of their beautiful pieces that we’ve scouted just for you. Without further ado, we’d love to share with you, our Best of Etsy 2018!

A sister duo whose motto is: simply & naturally. Appearing for the second time on our Best of Etsy list, the duo specializes in artisanal linen, sheepskin, suede and metal pieces. Located in Krakow, Poland, these sisters made the decision to take over their family business of tailoring, but with a twist. In love with the pieces they create, they guarantee that each detail has been selected with purpose and thought.

Since their debut in 2013, Souda Brooklyn has been creating unique and impossibly chic lighting, furniture and home decor pieces. Their name comes from the Japanese word “Souda” which roughly translates to be “oh yeah!” and Brooklyn, as thats where they are from; their studio and workspace is located inside a former nightclub. This seems fitting when you really think about it, since their products are all about reinventing the basics with fun, elements of play and sophistication.

It all began with a Canadian mama-of-three who had a love for travel. While she wasn’t able to hit every stop on her list due to raising three small children and having a family, she developed a love for “well-travelled-goods” from her home base in Kelowna, BC. Her shop boasts unique textiles that add something special to any space they adorn. With a keen focus on the details, her pieces never look out of place. Cloth & Math has great versatility and fits in with a wide variety of projects.

From Maryland, USA, what started from utility - a broke college kid creating furniture for himself while studying Interior Design - grew into a business built on passion. With knowledge in Interior Design, experience creating handcrafted pieces, AND having worked on Extreme Make Over: Home Edition, managing the Art Department for almost four years - it’s safe to say that Dylan knows what he’s doing. His pieces are modern but classic, and we think every home deserves a handmade piece by Dylan Grey.

Located in East Hollywood, DEN specializes in the sale and restoration of 20th century furniture and decor. Their collection is lovingly hand-picked, with pieces from all over the world; Japan, Europe and the Americas. Each item in their collection has been lovingly restored by the team at DEN to really help accentuate the craftsmanship and detail that the original artisan put into it.

Unique lighting is hard to find, yet lighting can really make or break a space. All the way from Thessaloniki, Greece the team at Light Cookie is reinventing the way you look at lighting. With beautiful designs in their assortment, they have a creative team of designers who are always looking for the next best thing. Take a peek - we promise you won’t be disappointed!

Three main words to describe this business would be, Tradition, Nature and Design. In Montevideo, Uruguay each design in this shop was lovingly crafted by Claudia and her team. One of Claudia’s foundational beliefs is that each item has an energy, and its important to fill your spaces with items that give off a positive and inspiring energy. We couldn’t agree more with that last sentiment!

Founded by an American-French duo, Loom & Field is a textiles and homewares brand collaborating with artisans to create ethically sourced small batch collections. When they aren’t at home in New York, they travel the world together to gather inspiration and build relationships with different makers, artists and vendors. Their goal is to help bring beautiful, hand-crafted goods to your home. Plus, 10% of their proceeds are invested directly into the artisan communities we work with in Morocco, to empower women weavers with literacy education and encourage self-sufficiency. Can’t go wrong with that!

Avesha Michael is a jewelry and ceramic artist located in California. Her love of “all things clay” developed at the young age of 8 and her journey has been upwards since. Her shop boasts beautiful handcrafted pieces that add extra warmth to any space. With almost anything you need in terms of kitchen and dining decor, her shop is a must-see.

Hailing from Florida, this shop is full of STUNNING (say it with us - STUNNING!) mid-century style pieces. As you can see below, they have a wide variety of offerings that changes all the time. Showings are by appointment if you’re local to the area, or of course, their Etsy shop is full of excellent product detail photography to know what you’re getting into. If you’re an MCM fan, this is a must-favorite.

So what’s Crump and Kwash? Paul Crump and Justin Kwash, first collaborated while working for an architectural precast company. Now, they are a successful design/build studio specializing in handcrafted wood, metal, and concrete furniture and sculptures located Baltimore, Maryland. With unique pieces that feature a hint of MCM and Scandi design, their designs are set to last a lifetime.


We hope you enjoyed some of our favorites from this year! Have you shopped from any of these makers? Do you have a favorite that you think we’d also love? Let us know in the comments!

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Look We Love: Scandinavian Holiday Decor

From Pinterest, source unknown. Please tell us if this is your work!

From Pinterest, source unknown. Please tell us if this is your work!

It’s here! It’s officially time to celebrate (and decorate for) the holidays and we couldn’t be more excited about that fact. As you know, at Scout Modern, we’re all about curating and decorating your home to be a dream space, and so of course, when it comes to Christmas, we’re all about the decor.

This year, we’re crushing hard on the Nordic tree (and holiday decor in general) trend. And no, we don’t mean trees imported from that area, but the traditional style found and used there - which is a bit different than the typical American tree. And while we know that every Christmas tree is a good one, we wanted to share a look we love!

We don’t know about you, but there is something beautiful and nostalgic about a sparse Christmas tree. It reminds us of what Christmas is all about; cozy moments at home, spending time with people we love and really being present in each moment. A great way to describe this picturesque, cozy moment that we’re describing is, Hygge. If you haven’t heard this term before, it’s a Danish word (pronounced like HUE-gah or HOO-gah) meaning “to give courage, comfort, joy”. Another way we’ve read it described before, and what we’ve most identified with, is “the art of creating intimacy” with friends, family or in your home. We’re actually writing another post on this out next week, so stay tuned to learn more about our favorite “winter word”.

Isn’t there just something “black-and-white-Christmas-feel-good-film”-esque about it? (There is.) Just imagining all of the cozy moments with family and friends, surrounded by a glowing tree, some thoughtful gifts, a warm beverage. It’s perfect!

The other thing about this imagery that strikes us, is the lack of presents. Not that we don’t love a good gift (trust me, we do!). But isn’t it true that the most memorable, and meaningful gifts are often unrelated to quantity, or (and maybe even especially) the price tag? We always say the best gifts come from the heart, and decorating for the holidays can often be a gift to yourself, and to your loved ones, by creating a cozy space to make some new memories in, while being all together.

Aside from that more sentimental aspect of these trees and back to decor, these Scandinavian trees offer a unique opportunity to showcase your ornaments! With more space in between the branches you really can see the unique pieces - and more dramatic and graphic style ornaments do really well with this look. Are you loving this look as much as we are?

Don’t you worry - we’ve got a gift guide down below to get you on your way!

Nordic Christmas Tree/Sparse Tree - Scout Modern
DIY felt ornament.jpg

Scouted: Woven Pendant Lights

Woven pendant lights are all over our radar right now and one of the easiest ways we can think of to add a ton of visual interest to almost any room! Naturally textured and sculptural in their design, these lights make a big impact all while remaining light and airy. They're versatile too - working well within a variety of rooms and with many styles. We like them best paired with boho/ jungalow, clean and modern and mid-century styles. Here are some of our favorites! 

Archer Black Pendant Light | Bamboo Pendant Lamp | Chandelier Lighting | Kiki Pendant | Deco Hanging Pendant | Natural Bamboo LightWhite Rattan Ball Pendant Modern Chandelier | Large Cordial Hanging Pendant | Wicker Pear Shaped Pendant |  Sinnerlig Pendant

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