Look We Love: Hygge Holiday


We’ve talked about Hygge around here before (see previous post here), but in case you haven’t heard the term, it’s a Scandinavian word (Danish, from Norwegian), that is pronounced HOO-gah or HUE-gah - it seems that the internet feels that you’re allowed to pick between the two!

The Oxford Dictionary defines Hygge as “A quality of coziness and comfortable conviviality that engenders a feeling of contentment or well-being (regarded as a defining characteristic of Danish culture)”. While there isn’t an english word that is equivalent, we think using the actual word works just fine!

The thing about Hygge is that you really can’t buy it. It’s not ultimately about aesthetics (however, there are - of course - some beautiful, natural, cozy items that can definitely set you in the right direction), it’s about the connection and the ritual of enjoying each moment.

Seriously, just reading that makes us yearn for some slow living. We’ll bet that most of you probably felt that way too!

If we really think about our routines, we’ll bet that you could use a little less time on your phone, and more time looking up, at the faces of the people around you. We don’t mean that critically, but more as a self reflection, because we fall into that boat too! We need more time with our spouses, our kids and even more time with ourselves! Maybe it’s just about enjoying the quiet - or some favorite music, maybe a warm drink by candlelight, or even just the process of making a cup of coffee - Hygge can be whatever ritual it is in your life that makes you feel a little bit like you’re caring for yourself.

And that’s so easy for us to type out, but it’s hard to put into practice! Let’s be real, life is full of distractions; buzzing phones, kids that need attention, email notifications, social functions, the endless feeds of social media, and so on. We know that we’re kind of off topic here, as this post started with a “look we love”, but you know what? “Present”, is a look we love, too.

The holidays are the perfect time of year to work on being a bit more present, and this year we’ve started with the decoration aspect of Christmas. It can be something that adds stress, especially when hosting for the holidays, but it’s a great time to get the family together, put those screens away and really enjoy each others company.

While we would actually love to live in a world where we could observe a “hygge” kind of attitude each and every day, we’ll settle for working on it bit by bit.

So, while we at Scout Modern don’t believe you can solve all of your problems with home decor, we do believe that beautiful and relaxing spaces can get you on your way to adjusting your priorities, and even as a way of practicing self-care.

SO, with that, we’ve just got one final question: what is your favorite holiday tradition that involves quality time?

And, just in case you were craving a “Hygge Home” this season, we’ve rounded up a few cozy items we love, to help remind you to celebrate each moment: